Roger Walton, TSJ Consulting's Principal, draws on over 30 years in the technology industry as a senior executive, product management and marketing professional, strategy consultant and venture capitalist.

Company Strategy Leadership

Roger has served as full-time and interim senior executives for early-stage companies, leading the development of their business plans and crafting product, go-to-market and partnership strategies.

As Chief Product Officer of unified communications provider Whaleback, he created the product roadmap and improved sales tools that contributed to a substantial acceleration in customer acquisition, doubling the bookings rate in 12 months.

As interim VP of marketing for web performance innovator Quantiva, Roger created the positioning and business plan that enabled the company to raise two rounds of financing, and ultimately to be acquired by NetScout, providing a strong return to the company’s investors.

Venture Capital

Roger served as a general partner at early-stage VC firm Castile Ventures, where he has been a major contributor to investments in multiple technology businesses that became leaders in their respective segments, many of which achieved successful exits..

Roger invested in and served on the boards of hardware, software, semiconductor and Internet companies He led Castile’s theme-based investment selection program, conducted due diligence for dozens of potential investments and evaluated hundreds of pitches.

As the firm’s portfolio development partner, he was deeply involved with the strategic development of the firm’s portfolio companies, assisting CEOs and management teams to develop and hone their positioning, product roadmaps and market focus, and helping them communicate clearly and effectively to potential investors and strategic partners.

Technology and Business Know-How

Through his career, Roger has worked across the IT technology spectrum from networking gear, robotics and semiconductors through enterprise software to cloud computing, Internet businesses and mobile applications.  He has the technical know-how to engage in deep discussions with engineers and technologists, and to ask the important questions.

Roger has experienced many different business models from IP licensing through SaaS to freemium, advertising-based and service provider revenue share. He has also worked with a range of B2B distribution models including direct sales, online sales, and distributor, VAR, OEM and other indirect channels.


Roger has researched and written reports on emerging technology markets for industry analyst Ovum, and advised enterprises and carriers how best to take advantage of them. Through his career in marketing and product management and as a consultant he has developed marketing materials such as product descriptions, presentations, sales tools and technical white papers and has authored a wide range of white papers and press articles.


During Roger's venture career, he often spoke to entrepreneurial groups on fund raising and business planning, and served on the advisory board of TCN, a Boston-area educational organization for early-stage entrepreneurs.. He also coached and judged business plan competitions at Babson, Harvard and MIT, including mentoring one of Harvard’s winners, Eyeview Digital.


Roger's detailed bio is available at LinkedIn here.


Wilbert van den Hoek, CTO Novellus and advisory board member Neah Power Systems:

“Roger is familiar with the often-conflicting demands of market opportunity, customer needs and resource constraints, and is adept at leading a process to define a product roadmap that is aligned with a company’s business goals.”

Alan Fink, CEO Quantiva (acquired by NetScout):

“Roger proved adept at capturing and assessing industry trends and product requirements, enabling the company to position its business to take maximum advantage of emerging market opportunities.”

John Glossner, founder and CTO of Sandbridge Technologies (acquired by a public company):

 “Roger’s insights on the implications of new technologies have made him a valued advisor and advocate.”

Mary Ann O’Loughlin, former chief executive North American operations, Ovum:

“Roger has a deep appreciation of the dynamics that drive new markets. He understands the implications for stakeholders, and knows how to provide clear and actionable guidance.”